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05/09/2009  Handover and Snagging
  TW are at last back to the table to negotiate handover of Blocks B and C into management.The E-Mail below I sent To Marc Littleworth who is Trinitys Area Estate Manager and this follows a number of discussions with Trinity regarding the way forward! The E-Mail should be self-explanatory but please let me know if there is something not clear!! ''''' Hi Marc! Thanks for your phone call; I am just writing to confirm our conversation. 1) On Wednesday 23 Setember at 11am you will meet with representatives of TW, here at Holwood, with a view to taking over Blocks B and C. 2) Trinity will be represented by yourself and Gerry OBrien, TW will be represented by Neil Dyment and a TW Site officer; it is agreed that HERA can send two representatives. These will be Colin Glover and Bill Markham, and they will meet you at Dave Skinners office at 11. 3) Apart from TW observation of defects you will also discuss the defect list as provided by HERA and last updated in June 2009 (copy attached), plus any further defects advised on the walk around 4) It is intended that any agreed takeover of Blocks B and C will be conditional on a real commitment by TW to complete outstanding issues. This commitment should be in writing and should include a time schedule and the names of contractors appointed and responsible for these works. 5) Trinity will monitor that these works are completed to the agreed schedule. 6) There will be a second meeting between Trinity and HERA at 11am on Tuesday 29 September to discuss the schedule agreed with TW. At this time TW will also introduce our new Estate Manager, Andrew Fletcher. 7) Following the meetings of 23rd and 29th September Trinity will instigate, on behalf of all residents, a claim under their NHBC guarantee for non-completion of works by TW. It is intended that the NHBC will add weight to our insistence that TW comply with the agreed schedule. (This course of action has been pre-agreed with NHBC). 8.It is absolutely vital that TW be made to contribute into residents sinking funds. The protracted period that TW have failed to hand buildings into management means that amounts for scheduled re-furbishments (re-painting of Crescent originally scheduled for 2009 but extended until 2010 for example) have not been collected sufficiently. Alternatively TW should be required to re-instate all relevent property/equipment into 100% perfect condition at their own expense and so obviate the need for a sinking fund at handover date. 9. Marc agreed to organise estimates immediately for the scheduled re-decoration of the Crescent. This will give an accurate cost of the amount required from TW for this item to be transferred into a sinking fund, and also prepare us for instructing these works as soon as the weather warms in 2010. I hope you agree this as an accurate account of our discussion. Good luck on 23rd and I look forward to seeing you on 29th! You will see that as well as other members of HERA I have also copied Jonathan Smith so that he can identify the sinking funds that have suffered because of TW failure to pass the property 100% into management earlier. Thanks again for your efforts; I am only too aware just how frustrating it is trying to deal with TW! Kind Regards Steve Turner Chairman HERA
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