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26/01/2010  Snagging
  The following e-mail was sent today to TW appointed 'project manager' Dear Beryl Foote, Subject TW Outstanding/Corrective Works At Holwood and Handover As you know, since our meeting with TW and Trinity held 23 September 2009 and my subsequent email dated 31 December 2009 HERA continue to be anxious to meet you, with your Management, to confirm the precise scope, scheduling and monitoring of these Works. The Works include major items: water ingress, wall staining, bund/bank, roof, gates, water plant, and a large number of relatively minor items. It is understood between us that HERA's and Trinity Estates attitude to remaining Handover dates is directly linked to overall satisfactory progress and substantial or full completion of major items. Our recent observations of TW/Vancouver operations on Site are the cause of serious concern to us. It appears there is no real technical input to the work, the contractor seems inadequately prepared to produce acceptable results and there is no apparent strategy with prioritised scheduling governing the approach to, and management of, activities. To illustrate our concern we cite the following examples: Mastic is being applied where more fundamental solutions are clearly necessary. Water handling plant is being drained down, dismantled and flushed in a manner which could lead to further water contamination. Jobs are being undertaken by persons with insufficient skills, knowledge, or qualifications, to complete the tasks. Contractor operatives are not equipped adequately with tools and materials for the work they are doing. Given these circumstances, we ask that you meet HERA representatives on Site within the next 5 days to clarify work item descriptions, priorities, schedule control, progress monitoring/reporting and sources of technical input. Regards Steve Turner Chairman HERA
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