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11/04/2010  Boiler Flues
  Advice from HERA is at this stage not to allow TW access to your property to work on the boiler flues . The letter below refers:- To: TW Managing Director and Customer Services Boiler Flue Installations at Wilberforce Court, Holwood We refer to your letter of 15th February 2010. At the HERA AGM held this week residents expressed deep concern over the actions being taken by New Build Maintenance Ltd under instructions assumed to originate from Taylor Wimpey. This concern arises from several considerations: As a group we would like answer to the following questions. 1. TW’s letter of 15.02.10 did not mention the requirement of permanent inspection doors, the installation of which presumably is to allow periodic inspection of the flues. There is concern that the use of “plastic” inspection doors might be a safety risk. While we have no specific data on the material characteristics of the products being used we would seek reassurance , with certified evidence,that this work does not compromise fire wall effectiveness. 2. Aesthetically, the proposed positioning of inspection doors in everyday living spaces within apartments is not acceptable. Holwood is a Development where residents have invested considerably, not expecting their properties to be subsequently disfigured internally. We would question the necessity to fit permanent inspection doors for the sole purpose of installing support brackets to the flue pipes and would ask why holes cut in the plasterboard cannot be made good visibly afterward. 3. We would contend that TW should and could have complied with any safety requirements during the design finalisation and build process; this would have obviated the present approach. We are requesting TW at this stage to inform us of possible alternatives regarding periodic inspection requirements ;eg use of mobile flexible telescopic light/camera/screen unit which may well give a more reliable inspection coverage than the doors presently being installed will allow. This is especially held to be relevant where doors are proposed in living spaces etc. We await your early response to the matters raised here. Until we receive acceptable clarification on this issue HERA must advise all residents not to comply with requests to access their properties for works to commence.
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