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11/07/2007  Sewerage Problems!
  I have today written to both Taylor Woodrow and Trinity on what I think is becoming a serious problem here! The design of our sewerage system is based around a receptor tank located near the TW temporary buildings. From here the sewerage is electrically pumped out to the mains sewers. There are two pumps which work alternatively to spread the workload. In the event of any problems (and the pumps ceasing to work) there is a designed 2 part safety warning. Firstly the light on top of electric housing mechanism flashes, and secondly an automated phone call is made to the pump engineers advising a problem. The engineers have been called out on a few occasions. On a recent occasion both pumps had ceased to work. One pump proved to be broken and the other was blocked. The engineer managed to unblock one pump at the time but this has since reblocked and so at the time of writing we have no pumps again. Dave Skinner has called the engineers out again. At present the cost of these repairs will be to Taylor Woodrow but eventually it will be a community cost. The engineer has pointed out two ongoing problems.Firstly that the storage tanks are contaminated with builders rubble, rags etc which is causing the pumps to block, and secondly that the automated call system does not appear ever to have been connected. I am asking for these issues to be addressed!!
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