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17/07/2010  Boiler Flues Recommendation
  The following is the recommendation of HERA regarding work required to boiler flues. The e-mail sent to Paul Caley at TW is reproduced:- ''Our recommendation to residents is as follows:- 1) That every resident should allow access to their apartment to have the required safety works to flues passing through their properties completed. 2) It is for each resident to decide whether to have inspection hatches left in their properties although it would seem unreasonable to object to such hatches where they are situated within boiler cupboards as they will be for any apartment on the ground and first floor and for the middle penthouse in each corridor of three penthouses. 3) For the remaining two penthouses on each group of three HERA would suggest that each apartment owner should discuss the location of proposed inspection hatches with TW and New Build and should make their own decision whether or not to accept their installation. HERA would suggest however that any inspection hatch located other than within a boiler cupboard (where carbon monoxide detectors are installed) should be of airtight construction and installation. It would indeed be preferable if all inspection hatches,regardless of location, were of airtight construction and installation. 4) It should be left to each resident to decide whether to allow periodic inspection of flue hatches, situated within their apartment' in the future. I think this is largely the response that you would have wished and I hope you are able to locate and install such airtight inspection hatches as suggested. For future reference it might be useful if you send a copy of any similar such proposal to HERA at an early stage; this will help us to help you avoid the spread of inaccurate rumours that can cause disproportionate concern''
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