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13/02/2011  Boiler Flues and Exterior Render - Update
  Wilberforce court Boiler Flues: TWs contractor has continued fitting inspection hatches and presently is re visiting some apartments to check earlier hatch installations, with some additions and changes taking place. Your HERA Committee via a small sub group has maintained communications with TW to promote the safety interests of all residents. Also, an approach has been made to the Gas Safe Register who have given us a commitment to inspect TWs work at a representative group of apartments; this is being progressed. Any specific queries can be raised with Bill Markham, Flat 66. Wilberforce Court Render Condition: With general Corrective Work now substantially complete, your HERA Committee has met with Trinity to consider the continuing problem of render staining and integrity, agreeing that a permanent solution should be pursued with TW. There are shared concerns over the durability of the render under repeated water jet cleaning to keep the surface free of concentrated stains associated with the coping and cornice stones at the building higher limits. There is also present the potential for recurrent high costs to residents from regular cleaning/ repair of the render. It is being maintained that residents cannot be expected to finance such costs which are of appreciable magnitude, apparently arising from characteristics of the original building design/construction. HERA has requested TW for a meeting at Director level, to see if a way forward can be agreed. Bill Markham(66) and Eric Davies(54) are representing HERA.
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