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30/06/2007  Front Gate - Options
  There is a problem with the front gates in that recent power cuts have left the gates in the closed position and Dave Skinner has had to 'leg it' down from his office to manually unlock them and let everybody in. I have asked TW to do something about this and they have agreed. They offer two options. Option 1 is that they install a housing on one of the gate piers containing a key for manual operation. This housing to be accessed by a combination lock. or Option2 that is to change the door rams to include a battery pack. This would mean that in the event of a power failure the default setting would be open rather than closed. Once power is restored the gates would re-set and close. My own opinion is that Option 2 is the preferred choice but I would like to know if anybody thinks otherwise! I need to communicate our preferred option asap! Kaz
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